Having ample business experience in both Singapore and Jakarta, we know the stark difference in business environment between the two countries. The difference in pace, legal frameworks, market conditions and efficiency expectation has resulted in many challenges for Singapore businesses venturing into Indonesia. In many occasions, the challenges have deterred many from even trying to venture oversea as the return on investment is not appealing. At Kievel & Brands, we strive to reduce the investment requirement for our clients through provision of shared resources in logistic and manpower aspects. With that, we aim to help our customers achieve the desired return in the Indonesian market.

Our brand promise

  1. Communication is key in a cross-border partnership. We believe that constant and honest communication with our clients is vital in ensuring continual improvement in business strategy and executions.
  2. With our services, clients are able to invest lesser resources while expanding into the burgeoning Indonesian market with their products offerings. This translates to lesser risk and greater rate of success.
  3. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for our clients venturing into Indonesia market. Our commitment to each of our client is that we will continually review, modify and improve on our market entry strategies until they work out.

Why us?

Essentially, we are charging the rate of an entry-level staff salary while providing the service of a full team in Indonesia. Apart from economical benefits, clients are rewarded with first-hand experience in knowing Indonesia’s business climate, sales preferences and operational management. This may add much intangible benefits to the management capabilities and business innovation to our clients.